The luxury housing market in Denver recently experienced the best November on record. A recent analysis of homes price over $1 million dollar showed that there were nearly 100 Denver luxury priced homes that sold during the month. Compared to recent years, this was a huge increase in sales at this price point. Consider that in 2011 there were only about 25 homes that sold in the luxury price bracket, followed by around 50 in 2012 through 2015. The 2016 sales number represent an increase of 111% from last year. This is according to a report put out by Kentwood Real Estate, a leading Denver based real estate broker representing upper bracket home sellers.

It isn’t only the luxury homes segment that is experiencing tremendous growth, we have seen an increase in sales across all price brackets. According to REcolorado, there was a 13% increase in sales of single family homes compared to last year.

The increased demand in the luxury homes segment of the real estate market has resulted in brisk sales in many of the new condo developments across Denver. Developers have seen an increase in deposits put down to hold units. This has been especially clear in units priced at the $600k+ price point. It’s difficult to know how long this current surge will last, but local real estate agents are enjoying the boom market.

There are a number of leading real estate agents in Denver who specialize in the luxury housing market. A few of the top upper bracket agents include Meredith Hotz with The Kentwood Company. She works with the Hotz Group who has over $37m in annual home sales. Another excellent agent specializing in this segment of the market is the Bartic Group which is a part of Keller Williams and is led by Brendan Bartic. They are Keller Williams #1 ranked team in Denver.

If you are looking for a Denver agent, be sure to use the easy to search directory to find an agent who meets your needs. A luxury agent will offer higher quality marketing and service compared to your typical real estate agent in the Community. They tend to have a network of connections and are well positioned to sell a luxury home quickly and for the maximum sale price. is the leading resource for luxury home buyers and sellers in Colorado.



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