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Thinking About Buying a Ski Property?

My family has long been thinking about buying a cabin or condo for weekend getaways with the kids. We love skiing, snowboarding, hiking in the wood and just getting away together as a family. We’ve been discussing our thoughts with some of our friends and have been getting mixed reactions. On one hand we have friends who use their cabin 15 or more weekends a year. They spend every holiday and long weekend at their property and feel like it’s brought their family and kids closer together. We have kids who are approaching their teenage years and like the idea of spending the weekends with them and their friends. What’s better than getting away for a weekend with their friends to find out what’s really going on in their lives.

On the flip side, we have other friends who live in downtown Denver who own a property in Breckenridge. They love to ski but complain about the expensive association dues for their condo, upkeep and maintenance, taxes, insurance and the worry about having a “one more thing to worry about”. They often tell me that they wish they would have continued to rent a condo when they want to go skiing. It’s cheaper and much less of a hassle.

We’re pretty sure we’re going to begin looking more seriously for a property that fits our needs in February or March. I like the idea of having a home away from home. Someplace where the family can relax and spend time together without the interruptions of normal life back in Denver.

I spent my time as a kid in Breckenridge, CO. We would spend time hiking, biking and fishing during the summer and I practically grew up on the slopes. We’re leaning toward buying a condo in Breckenridge. There are a couple of nice units on Village Rd and Ski Hill Rd that are priced around $750,00. Jhoanna Robledo and Lucy Cohen Blatter recently wrote an article for brickunderground about the Pro’s and Con’s of buying a ski home. They note that January is usually the worst time to try negotiating on a ski home. Tyically the slopes are full and their is lots of competition for available vacation homes. 

If we decide to make the purchase we’ll follow up here with pictures and let you know if it was worth it!

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