Top Selling Denver Real Estate Teams

Have you wondered who the most active real estate teams are in Denver? There are numerous websites who track real estate agent sales activity in and around Denver. A few of the most well known resources include Zillow, Trulia and Let’s see who each of these sites inlude in their realtor directories.

Zillow in Denver

  1. Wisdom Real Estate. This is a team of 12 real estate agents. They are the #1 ranked team in Denver, CO based on 67 recent salesĀ and five listings.
  2. David Ness. Zillow notes that David has a real estate team, however, they don’t tell us how many agents make up his team. David’s team has 60 recent sales and 3 current homes for sale.
  3. Ryan Carter and 8z Denver Team. Ryan has a team of 19 agents and they have 111 recent sales along with 4 current listings. His team has 185 reviews.
  4. Todd Narlinger has a team of 20 agents. According to Zillow, they have 104 recent sales and 6 current listings.
  5. Innovative Real Estate and Scott Lora. This is a team of 30 agents. They have 80 recent sales and 4 current listings according to Zillow.
  6. Patrick Finney Team City Specialists. They have a team of 8 real estate agents. It looks like they have 40 recent sales.
  7. Aaron Hard has a team of 10 agents serving buyers and sellers in Denver. They have sold 47 homes recently, however they have no current listings according to Zillow. I would question the accuracy of this data. It seems unlikely that they don’t have any current listings.
  8. Joe Phillips with Focuc Real Estate. Zillow tells us that he is a single agent with no team members. He has sold 18 homes recently in Denver.
  9. Kimberly Austin is a single agent with Coldwell Banker. She recently sold 38 homes in Denver and has 8 Denver homes currently for sale.
  10. Susie Best with Porch Light Real Estate has 37 recent Denver sales.

Trulia in Denver

Since Trulia is owned by Zillow, there is frequently a lot of cross over in their information, real estate agent advertising and realtor reviews.

  1. Trelora Real Estate has sold 273 homes in Denver and they hav 30 active listings for sale.
  2. Wisdom Real Estate has sold 251 homes in Denver according to Trulia.
  3. Jennifer Apel. According to Trulia, Jennifer has sold 245 homes in Denver.
  4. Susie Best has sold 284 homes in Denver.
  5. Innovative Real Estate has sold 214 homes in Denver.
  6. LEO Rowen has sold 226 homes in Denver.
  7. David Ness has sold 210 homes in Denver.
  8. Laurie Erb has 247 Denver homes sold.
  9. MODUS Real Estate has 206 Denver home sales.
  10. Dave O’Brien has 223 homes sold in Denver.

Highest RatedĀ Real Estate Agents in Denver According to

The current top 10 list of Denver real estate agents includes the following:

  1. Ryan Sondrup
  2. Monica Breckenridge with Pink Realty
  3. Sara Murdoch with Live Urban Real Estate
  4. Anthony Rael with RE/MAX
  5. Carmen Molitor with RE/MAX
  6. Traci Kennedy with REML
  7. Dan Wisdom with Wisdom Real Estate
  8. Sandi LHMS with Metro Brokers
  9. Carolyn Erickson with Nexstep Real Estate Group
  10. Annette Knutson with Live Urban Real Estate

Who do you think should be included in the Zillow, Trulia or list for real estate agents in Denver? Let us know your thoughts.

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